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Our company specialize in the research and production of PTFE products, main products are: film, extruded rod, pasted rod, molded rod, molded tube, molded sheet, ( Our fist products are sheets of 2000mm*2000mm, 1500mm*1500mm, 1000mm*2000mm, 1200mm*1800mm, 1200mm*1200mm, 1000mm*1000mm etc, the former two are produced by a 9600T hydraulic pressure machine, which is rare in the industry. )skived sheet, skived film, sealing rings, gaskets, etc. With advanced concept of quality-control and reputation service, we have been awarded the local annual “ Good Enterprise” since our establishment. In recent years, through continuous innovation and improvement, our products become more competitive in the market.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE or Teflon) is commonly known as "plastics King", usually been called "Teflon" "Thai Teflon" in China. It is formed by polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene polymer, and has excellent chemical stability, corrosion resistance, tightness, high lubricity and non adhesion, electrical insulation and good aging resistance endurance. It is resistant to almost all chemicals even boiled in aqua regia, except molten metal sodium and liquid fluorine, and the long term working temperature can be ranged from + 250℃ to-180℃. It is one of the best corrosion resistant materials in the world, it can be used in any chemical medium. Problems in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical and other fields have been solved since PTFE is extensively applied.  

PTFE seal products, sealing rings, gaskets are produced by molding and mechanical processing of suspension polymerization PTFE resin. Compared to other plastics, PTFE is resistant to chemical corrosion and temperature, and has been widely used in sealing and filler materials. PTFE products are generally applied to pipelines, vessels, pumps, valves with high performance requirements of corrosion resistance and high frequency communication equipment, radar, radio equipment, etc. Dispersion liquid can be used as material of insulation impregnating liquid and corrosion protection layer on the surface of metal, glass, ceramics and so on. PTFE rings, gaskets, packings are extensively used in various types of flange seal of anti-corrosion pipelines. At present, various PTFE products played an important role in the fields of the national economy in chemical industry, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, military industry,  aerospace, environmental protection and bridge.